Oasis vs. Sick Puppies vs. Lifehouse


Ryan sent this in a while back. Finally getting to it now.

Check out Oasis‘s 1998 “Don’t Go Away” alongside these Lifehouse and Sick Puppies tracks. Do it.

Oasis - "Don't Go Away" (1998)

Lifehouse - "Whatever it Takes" (2007)

Sick Puppies - "Maybe" (2010)

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7 Replies to “Oasis vs. Sick Puppies vs. Lifehouse”

  1. Reverend Flash

    Another rip-off of ‘Don’t Go Away’ is the Switchfoot song ‘Learning To Breathe’. Not only do the choruses of both songs sit nicely over each other, but each chorus’s final melody line is identical to the other.

  2. Belinda

    Was just about to post the similarity between the Sick Puppies and Scar choruses, but Jazmine beat me to it.


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