Lady Gaga vs. Cirque Du Soleil


Submitted by Alexis

This is a strange one. Although I can’t seem to pinpoint this directly there are definitely a few similarities with Gaga‘s “Alejandro” and the title song to Cirque Du Soleil’s Grammy nominated “Alegría“.

Cirque Du Soleil - "Alegría" (1994)


Lady Gaga - "Alejandro" (2010)


Lady Gaga - "Alejandro" (2010)
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7 Replies to “Lady Gaga vs. Cirque Du Soleil”

  1. Chris

    Also check out “Czardas” by Monti. There is a direct quotation of this at the beginning of “Alejandro”.

  2. mark chergosky

    I just heard a song today by the Ramones (“I Don’t Want to Grow Up”) that sound a lot like the bridge of “Who’ll Stop the Rain” by CCR.


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