Michael Jackson vs. François Valéry

I was in a French restaurant the other day and heard a beat and bass line  that really sounded like Michael Jackson “Billie Jean”.  Even the synth string part was similar. It was in French and sounded disco-era. I pulled out Shazam on my iPhone and bingo –  “Elle danse Marie” by François Valéry.  I am still blown away how well this app works.   Thanks to Candice in France for helping me track down the correct release date.

Michael Jackon - "Billy Jean" (1982)

François Valéry - "Elle danse Marie" (1983)

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10 Replies to “Michael Jackson vs. François Valéry”

  1. Ron Galloway

    Listen to the bassline of “State Of Independence” by Jon and Vangelis, which was produced by Quincy Jones. Then “Billie Jean.” Sounds like Quincy just reused it.

  2. Mark Adams

    Considering how similar some songs can sound, it’s a wonder the app doesn’t get confused. Does it ever return multiple results?

    1. Keith Post author

      Hasn’t happened yet, but I wouldn’t doubt if they introduce that in the future. Speaking of “Billy Jean” I was just listening to this the other day on a nice stereo. The production quality and performances on this (and most Michael Jackson songs) are SO TIGHT.


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