Leona Lewis vs. Avicii

Thanks to George for tipping me off to this bit of news.

X Factor superstar Leona Lewis is being taken to court by Swedish Ministry of Sound DJ Avicii (Tim Bergling) for supposedly using his track “Fade Into Darkness” (aka “Penguin”) without permission in her latest single “Collide”.

According to the UK paper The Sun, Ministry of Sound Records is claiming that Lewis is blatantly ripping off the song with ‘Collide.’ The label’s operators have asked that execs at Simon Cowell‘s Syco, to which Lewis is signed, to yank the track from radio. They want to ban the song from being officially released, as well.

The Guardian reported today that the High Court will hear a plea from the dance producer on Monday for an injunction against the release of the X Factor winner’s song, which is due out on September 4.
DailyMail.CO.UK 8/5/2011


Leona Lewis - "Collide" (2011)

Avicii - "Fade into Darkness (aka 'Penguin')" (2011)

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2 Replies to “Leona Lewis vs. Avicii”

  1. Tobias Jernér

    Try this one as the first and original one:

    Perpetuum Mobile – Penguin Cafe Orchestra from 00:20

    Srry to disapoint =) (not sure what year it was released tho)

    1. Keith Post author

      Wow. Thanks for this info. This is interesting because that means Avivii should be the one getting sued. I’m looking at Avicii’s Wikipedia page now and it looks like some information has been added about the track being sampled from Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Hmmmmmm.


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