Free Energy vs. Bachman-Turner Overdrive vs. The Who

Patrick from just submitted this one to me

This is a brand new track from Free Energy called “Electric Fever”. I am kind of speechless with this one.  I don’t think they have given credit to Bachman-Turner Overdrive but I can only assume they will have no choice in the future. Free Energy doesn’t even bother to drop out the cowbell! This power riff might also conjure up The Who‘s 1972 “Baba O’Riley” (commonly known as “Teenage Wasteland”). PLUS the intro to “Electric Fever” has a similar digital-hickup-glitch kind of thing going on. Here they are for your enjoyment.

Free Energy - "Electric Fever (Main Riff)" (2012)
Bachman–Turner Overdrive - "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (Chorus)" (1974)
The Who - "Baba O'Riley (Main Riff)" (1972)
Free Energy - "Electric Fever (Intro)" (2012)
The Who - "Baba O'Riley (Intro)" (1972)


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5 Replies to “Free Energy vs. Bachman-Turner Overdrive vs. The Who”

  1. Travis

    thats pretty damn good

    check these 2 out

    i been searching to see if it was legit or not but cant find a thing

    chicago: hard to say im sorry

    start trouble: chemical


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