The Killers vs. Young the Giant

submitted by Kristopher

Check out Young The Giant‘s “Cough  Syrup” next to The Killers‘ “This River Is Wild”.

Young the Giant - "Cough Syrup" (2011)
The Killers - "This River Is Wild" (2006)
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5 Replies to “The Killers vs. Young the Giant”

  1. Julia

    This pains me so much because I love both bands SO MUCH. Cough Syrup is one of my favorite songs of the last decade and I love The Killers, but this is strangely similar. Eh.

  2. Daw Johnson

    I do hear some similarity, but Cough Syrup stirs memories of “Speed of Sound” in my head more than it does This River is WIld.


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