Paris Hilton vs. Lord Creator

Submitted by Liam

That’s right, Paris Hilton recorded an album in 2006.  “Stars are Blind”  sounds a wee bit like Lord Creator‘s “Kingston Town” (made popular more recently by UB40). Turns out Paris Hilton’s label was sued. I can’t find much info about this but it seems that the press was misinformed that UB40 is not the copyright holder – Lord Creator is.

V2 Music Publishing, Warner Chappell Music and Hilton’s songwriter/producer Fernando Garibay are being sued by Sparta Florida Music Group, who allege parts of the track are lifted from UB40 classic Kingston Town. The GBP250,000 ($500,000) writ, filed in London’s High Court, claims breach of copyright.


Paris Hilton - "Stars are Blind" (2006)
Lord Creator - "Kingston Town" (1970)
UB40 - "Kingston Town" (1990)
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3 Replies to “Paris Hilton vs. Lord Creator”

  1. Kim

    hey guys!

    What about “Little Talks” by “Of Monsters and Men” VS “Alabama Arkansas” by “Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes” ?

    It’s identical. You may have already posted it.

  2. bigbill

    always loved the original Lord Creator version. tbh the UB40 cover pretty much blows. hilton’s tune… speaks for itself. lol


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