The Drifters vs. The Rokes

Submitted by Norah

As we all know, The Drifters are a beloved institution of R&B and soul music. A hundred guys walked in and out of that band, but they put out hits like the Corleone’s. Then come 1966, and these moppy-haired, free-lovin hippies called The Rokes come strolling in with “Let’s Live for Today.” (As made famous by The Grass Roots)

The Drifters - "I Count the Tears" (1960)
The Rokes - "Let's Live for Today" (1966)
The Grass Roots - "Let's Live for Today" (1967)
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3 Replies to “The Drifters vs. The Rokes”

  1. bigbill

    i’m glad someone else finally pointed this out. i noticed it a few years ago and was taken aback – surprised no one sued. don’t wanna sound like i’m complaining tho, both songs are great – but ‘I count the tears’ definitely wins out imo


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