Buddy Holly vs. Pavement

I’m happy to introduce Ben to the team. He’ll be helping out with posting your awesome submissions.  He has a few sound-alikes of his own to get through before he gets to your submissions. Take it away Ben! – Keith

The chief melody on the track that leads off Pavement‘s classic second record Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain bears a striking similarity to the magnificent Buddy Holly song, released as the b-side to “Peggy Sue” in 1957 and then on his self-titled solo debut in 1958. Of course Holly cuts to the chase straight away, while Pavement take a more circuitous route building up to the vocal, but the soaring verses on each of these are equally mesmerizing– even if used to very different ends.

Buddy Holly - "Everyday" (1957)
Pavement - "Silence Kit" (1994)
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7 Replies to “Buddy Holly vs. Pavement”

  1. MusicFreak

    “Why Dont You Get a Job” by Offspring and “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” by the Beatles are almost the same exact melody. You should post that one next!!! Good work guys!!! 🙂

    1. Ben Post author

      I suppose you could call it their third full-length RELEASE. But assuming you’re referring to Westing, I wouldn’t necessarily consider a compilation album drawn from the era preceding Pavement’s debut to be a RECORD per se, given that in this context, standard parlance generally reserves that word to indicate collections of songs which are conceived of and recorded as separate animals.

      I don’t think the early EPs and singles really lend themselves all that well to being collected into a large spotty assembly anyway, but there’s no doubt some good cuts to be found there.

    1. keith

      There are a few of us! Apologies that the audio clip on this old post is gone. Need to dig those up somewhere.


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