Marilyn Manson vs. Saliva

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Josey Scott of Saliva and Marilyn Manson on

It’s not uncommon for songs to sound alike within the same genre. But the main riff on these two tracks sound totally, exactly the same. Which isn’t surprising to me, because Saliva was doing the nu-metal thing a few years too late. Marilyn Manson, however, can do whatever he wants. He’s a total badass and strong advocate for freedom of artistic expression to a mass audience, which is extremely important in America as we’re threatened by censorship every day.

Marilyn Manson - "The Fight Song" (2000)
Saliva - "Survival of the Sickest" (2004)

Seal on ThatSongSoundsLike.comCheck it out! Ex-Saliva front man, Josey Scott (pictured above left) also co-wrote and performed “Hero” with Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. “Hero” (2002) appears on this site alongside Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” (1995).


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