Green Day vs. Night Ranger

I was just listening to the new Green Day single “Oh Love” (2012). Check out the chorus with Night Ranger‘s power ballad jam “Sister Christian” (1984).

Night Ranger - "Sister Christian" (1984)

Green Day - "Oh Love" (2012)

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17 Replies to “Green Day vs. Night Ranger”

  1. Anonymous

    I have another one for you all!!! The piano introduction to “We Are The Champions” by Queen and Alicia Keys “Fallin'” sound oddly similar if you listen to them!!! 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I have one that’s INSANELY SIMILAR!!! Try Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” and Travis Garland’s “Sexy Together”!!! The similarities are CRAZY!!!!!!

    1. Keith Post author

      Thanks! Somebody else actually sent this one to me. According to the wikipedia page the song was re-worked and recorded by the producers.

      It was originally a risque demo with sexual lyrics performed by American singer Travis Garland, it was written and produced by The Messengers, and Omarr Rambert. However, for unknown reasons, Bieber was tapped to record the song for the [Karate Kid] film.

  3. Cody

    Look up “the great pretender” from The Platters. The lyrics of “I’m wearing my heart like a crown
    Pretending that you’re still around”. This is the real rip off Green Day did with Oh Love. Knew this the first second I heard it. The hook of the song is dead on in that line. Look up the song on youtube.

  4. Cody

    I’m Wearing My Heart On a Noose (Green Day)
    I’m Wearing My Heart Like a Crown (Platters)

    To – Night-ite My Hearts on the Loose (Green Day)
    Pre-Tend-ing That You’re Still A-Round (Platters)

    Same inflections! Painful they got away with this because the second you hear the Green Day song you are instantly flashed back to the Platters. (Sorry I am 47 years old and I had 8 older brothers and sisters. Coupled with I listen to cheap alternative rock stations in the car so any song ever made is probably in my head like all the time.)

    1. Mark Adams

      Songwriters often use the same rhythms and meters, probably to follow natural speech and this is why, for example, you can sing the Pokémon Theme Song to the tune of The Gilligan’s Island Theme Song and House of The Rising Sun, etc. If you’re saying the melody is similar as well, then that is a valid point, otherwise, it’s likely coincidence.

      1. Mark Adams

        Having listened to it, I see you’re right, but it’s not the first time they ripped off The Great Pretender, that was probably in Jinx (1997), where it may be a small similarity, but it’s recurring.

        1. Mark Adams

          They also had several songs from their early days with riffs that sound like that of Like Wow! (Wipeout) by the Hoodoo Gurus. I know I’ve posted a few comments today, but I decided to celebrate Green Day Bassist Mike Dirnt’s birthday by listening to nimrod.

        2. Mark Adams

          Old Sh!t off of Miranda Lambert’s new album sounds like Oh Love and I suppose Firehouse by Kiss (1974) and Make Me Pure by Robbie Williams (2005).

        3. Mark Adams

          The Platters also have One in a Million. It doesn’t really matter, but it just helps to make up the number of songs that sound like The Great Pretender. I think that’s five now, including both Green Day songs, that Aerosmith song I commented about somewhere and Save Me by Queen.


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