fun. vs. Paul Simon

Paul Simon vs. fun.

A lot of people have been submitting this (including George and Peter) and mentioning it on my previous fun. post for “We Are Young” so I figured I would post it up here.

Have a listen to Simon & Garfunkel‘s “Cecilia” (1970) (written by Paul Simon if you want to get technical) and fun.‘s “Some Nights” (2012).

fun. - "Some Nights" (2012)

Paul Simon - "Cecilia" (1970)

Update: Added “Cecilia” Outro as suggested by chloride ferret below.

Paul Simon - "Cecilia (outro)" (1970)

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18 Replies to “fun. vs. Paul Simon”

  1. chuck

    wow. this may be the biggest ripoff i’ve heard since Jet’s ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ (which was ripped from Iggy Pop, obv not Paul Simon).

  2. feanor70115

    Thanks for IDing this. I don’t listen to the radio so hadn’t heard the fun. song until they played it on Stephen Colbert last night, and since then had been wondering what thing in the back of my head they’d ripped it off from.

  3. chloride ferret

    This song is a huge ripoff, but what’s up with the audio sample? You didn’t even select the “Oh” part of “Cecilia.” That’s the part that’s nearly note for note AND lyric for lyric!

  4. Johnny

    I think that fun. had an absolutely killer hook (the chorus of course) for “We Are Young”, one of the best in years, and I couldn’t detect anything from that bar the structure and when it went into the slow bits reminding me of “American Pie”.

    However “Some Nights” was instantly familiar. I couldn’t figure out what for a while but the opening intro/chorus to me was like Glass Tiger’s “My Town” – And indeed the first comment mentions it, glad I wasn’t the only one who spotted it. 😀

    1. Keith Post author

      Thanks Haasey. Hm, weird. That site is about samples and I really don’t think that this is even a sample. I think they’re trying to just get some traffic.


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