Jonas Brothers vs. Hillsong United

Jonas Brothers vs. Hillsong United on

Submitted by Travis

The last time we saw Jonas Brothers on here it was for their song “Introducing Me” (2010) and it sounded a lot like Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”. [ ]

I don’t know how Travis finds all of these but here is Jonas Brothers “Australia” (2007) with Australian Christian Rock outfit Hillsong United‘s “From God Above” (2006).

Wait! Australian rock band? A song called “Australia”. What the??!!!

Hillsong United - "From God Above" (2006)

Jonas Brothers - "Australia" (2007)

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14 Replies to “Jonas Brothers vs. Hillsong United”

  1. Travis

    here’s a bit of a long one

    sum 41:best of me

    blue october:hate me

    hoobastank:the reason

    avril:i will be

    while at it the solo for “best of me” is bugging me to

    best of me(solo)

    green day:wake me up when september ends(solo)

  2. Travis

    Keith I wish you had a site called “that video looks like” cause i could give ya a couple for that 🙂 lol

    1. Keith Post author

      Funny you say that. I was considering an “Album Art Looks Like” section. Maybe I’ll run that as a one-off.

    1. Keith Post author

      My bad. I try to check out your youtube links first so I can respond to them. Otherwise I will totally forget about them. Just approved ’em all.

  3. A Jonas Fan

    This is surprising to me as a Jonas fan, but I do not think that it was intentional. I still believe that the Jonas Brothers are very talented individuals. They write all of their own songs and even play their own instruments. (Nick can play at leat 4-5 different instruments!)

    The other one for “Introducing Me” was not a fault on part of the Jonas Brothers, because they didn’t write that song. It was just a song that Nick happened to sing for Camp Rock 2 that was written by the Camp Rock 2 songwriters.

    However, as sad as I am to say this, these songs DO sound alot alike. It’s not surprising to me though, as they used to be a Christian band. They may have heard this and then accidentally wrote something that sounds similar. I know that I even find myself doing this as a songwriter as it is easy to unintentionally do.

    In any case, well done on the find, Travis. I do hope that this find has not caused anyone else out there to render the Jonas Brothers as “washed up popstars” or “untalented” as it is not true.

    Have a great day and well done with the site, Keith! 🙂 This is so interesting!

    1. Keith Post author

      Thanks! And yes, it definitely happens with all artists – intentional or not – it’s an inevitable part of the writing process! And it’s interesting and fun to track these things down especially in some cases when they are from entirely different genres. I bet every band out there has secret preliminary song titles in their rehearsal space with names like “Green Day Song”, “Metallica Riff” or “Bieber Song”. Ok, maybe not that last one 🙂

    2. Travis

      I highly doubt it was intentional either.
      Similarities are bound to happen intentional or not.

      I might find myself one day writing something I think is original only to discover its something I forgot all about.

      1. A Jonas Fan

        That’s what happens to me! Haha! 🙂 And then I say, “Whoops, time to restart THIS song!” Hehehee!


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