Green Day vs. Panda

Submitted by Travis. I don’t know how he finds all of these!

Check out Mexican outfit Panda (aka PXNDX) – “Sweater Geek” (2000) and Green Day‘s “At the Library” (1990) from their debut studio album 39/Smooth.

Green Day - "At the Library" (1990)

Panda (aka PXNDX) - "Sweater Geek" (2000)

Check out more Green Day on

And this article I wrote for
“13 Songs That Sound Just Like Green Day Songs on

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5 Replies to “Green Day vs. Panda”

  1. Travis

    That was fairly fast.

    Can’t remember if I submitted this one already or if anyone else did

    Unwritten law:up all night

    Pink:just like a pill

    I think Pink may have released hers as a single before Unwritten Law however I’m 90% sure Unwritten Law’s was recorded first.

  2. Travis

    Try this one out.Too tired right now to place the exact time in the 2nd song but its there..been meaning to submit this one for awhile now.

    Death cab for cutie:follow you into the dark

    Panic at the disco:folkin around

  3. 'End-To-End' Benton

    This one’s been bugging me since I heard the new Dexys album:

    Dexys – Lost (2012)

    The Spinners – It’s a Shame (1970)


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