Gorillaz vs. U2 vs. Take That

Submitted by Nikola and Stefán

What do U2Gorillaz and Take That have in common?

U2 vs. Gorillaz vs. Take That on ThatSongSoundsLike.com


U2 - "Staring at the Sun" (1997)

Gorillaz - "Feel Good, Inc." (2005)

Take That - "Kidz" (2011)

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13 Replies to “Gorillaz vs. U2 vs. Take That”

  1. Travis

    Try these out(dont know if i submitted it or if anyone else did)

    giusy ferreri: non ti scordar mai di me

    amy whinehouse: back to black

    giusy ferreri: non ti scordar mai di me(further in)

    alter bridge: coming home

  2. Travis

    Here’s one I’m having a hard time placing.

    Blake Shelton:Over

    I know it’s alot like something but can’t quite figure it out.

    1. Lawson

      I know its been 8 years, and you might not even be on this website anymore, but ‘Somewhere Out There’ by Our Lady Peace sounds a lot like it

  3. Danielle

    When the song by Gorillaz starts with the verse, windmill, windmill, the melody is clearly taken from U2’s song, Staring at the Sun. If you can’t come up with your own material, please get out of the music biz & go sing karaoke. In instances like that, imitation is CLEARLY not the best form of flattery-it’s called plagiarism, not creativity.

    1. Danielle

      Btw, I hadn’t listened to U2 in ages, so it would have taken me forever to figure it out. The first verse sounds like another song I can’t place, also. This thread is so old, so who knows if I’ll hear anything back. However, thank you for helping me to place the real artists.


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