The Clash vs. One Direction

Submitted by Alex via the facebook page

The Clash vs. One Direction on

If you look really closely at the cover of The Clash‘s Combat Rock (1982)  you will see the boy band One Direction in the background. This explains it all.

The Clash - "Should I Stay or Should I Go" (1982)
One Direction - "Live While We're Young" (2012)

This is of course contrary to Ke$ha who thinks we should “Die Young

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  1. James C.

    This was on last week’s episode of “I’ve Never Seen Star Wars,” a BBC Radio show where celebrities try things they’ve never done. In this instance, it was listening to One Direction. It was also pointed out that One Direction’s “Rock Me” on the same album apes “We Will Rock You”:

  2. Johnny

    I think “Rock Me” was a Katy Perry reject or something… and funnily enough her “ET” was said to use that archetypal “We Will Rock You” beat.

    And on that note I thought of some more Dr. Luke self plagiarism (when will it ever end?!): Katy’s “Another Part of Me” has the same verse melody as Britney’s “Till The World Ends” (which I always mix up with “Hold It Against Me”). Most obviously on that Britney album “Criminal” rips the melody from Supertramp’s “The Logical Song” crossed with similar music track to Nelly Furtado’s “All Good Things”, a song which I’ve seen copied a lot recently.

    Perhaps his most blatant lift was when he gave Pink the Veronica’s flop “4Ever” which became the hit “U + Ur Hand”. There’s even a story behind this one, Pink’s producer Butch Walker wrote a book about his experiences in the music industry – – and in particular he really hates Dr. Luke! He is referred to throughout as “Larry” but is clearly Dr. Luke and he paints a very bad picture of him. Pink was furious when she found out she was given the same song and was going to kill him, and also Butch relays the tale of how he stole his idea for what became Avril’s “Girlfriend” – the “Hey Mickey” style beat that was in his song, The Best Damn Thing.

    1. Keith Post author

      Hey Johnny,

      Thanks for all of this great insight. I just ordered the book you linked to (Drinking with Strangers: Music Lessons from a Teenage Bullet Belt by Butch Walker, Matt Diehl). I enjoy reading about the inside business and personal absurdities of the music industry like Motley Crue’s The Dirt Or this gem of a Metallica documentary Some Kind of Monster ( which reveals the biggest metal band in the world as a bunch of whining babies.

      I’ll check out those other tracks!

    2. Keith Post author

      Johnny, I just read the book. Totally enjoyed it and have much respect now for Butch. “Larry”!! The only name in the book that was in quotes. Haha. Great.

  3. Johnny

    Oh that Metallica doco sounds like a must, Keith! I’ll check that. The Dirt is legendary and it shows you how a pretty uncool cheesy hair metal band are actually much more interesting and live out the whole rock n roll ethos to its full compared with the more credible but clincial and career focussed alternative.

    There’s going to be a movie of The Dirt as well!

  4. Doug

    This one is ridiculous. YouTube them both if you haven’t compared them. “Save Room” by John Legend and “Stormy” by The Classic IV

  5. Bumble Hitter

    Best Song Ever by One Direction is like Baba O’riley by The Who!!!
    they don’t know about us by One direction copied Chris Medina What are words…
    last first kiss by one direction rips off wish you were here by avril lavigne

    1. Keith Post author

      Thanks for the tips! Yeah, I have The Who one in my list of todo’s. But now that you’ve brought these others to my attention maybe it’s time for a One Direction compilation post 🙂

  6. La La La

    I want by 1D ripped off My Moon, My Man by Feist
    Na Na Na by 1D ripped off All For One – High School Musical 2
    Their Strong sounds like Stronger by Kelly Clarkson


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