will.i.am vs. Arty & Mat Zo

Thanks to James C. for bringing this to my attention

sounds like Mat Zo "Rebound"

will.i.am’s new track “Let’s Go” (feat. Chris Brown)” (2013) is in the news for a copyright breach allegation. It seems that they lifted the backing track from Arty & Mat Zo‘s trance track “Rebound” (2011).  Chris Brown who appears as a guest vocalist denies any involvement in the production of the track. Have a listen.

Arty & Mat Zo - "Rebound (intro)" (2011)

will.i.am - "Let's Go (intro)" (2013)

Arty & Mat Zo - "Rebound (chorus)" (2011)

will.i.am - "Let's Go (chorus)" (2013)

Of course, nowadays celebrity feuds unfold publicly on twitter. I’ll spare you the nonsense. Here’s a tweet from Arty regarding his track and his label Anjunabeats:

They never cleared rights through Anjunabeats, who’s only one label, who ownes the rights for “Rebound”.


Read more:

On a side note one of the producers listed on will.i.am’s new album is our friend Dr. Luke
But he does not appear as a producer for the track in this article.

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