Loreen vs. Cascada vs. The Killers

Submitted by Alex

A few folks have pointed out that the Eurovision 2013 submission “Glorious” by German group Cascada sounds a bit like this years’ Swedish winner Loreen for her song “Euphoria”.  I also noticed a small similarity in “When You Were Young” by the Killers  (2006).

Cascada - "Glorious" (2013)

Loreen - "Euphoria" (2012)

The Killers - "When You Were Young" (2006)

Just in case  you are not familiar with the Eurovision Song Contest you might want to watch this:


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3 Replies to “Loreen vs. Cascada vs. The Killers”

  1. Travis

    Long time Keith.

    Check this part of “when you were young”

    now listen to this part of U2 “miracle drug”

    1. Keith Post author

      Hey Travis! Wow, another amazing find from you. I love that guitar solo and the riff in “When You Were Young”. It will forever be tainted to me now 🙂


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