Linkin Park vs. Halloween Theme

Linkin Park vs. Halloween Theme

Michael Myers is generally not in a very good mood. He has a lot of issues. When I played him Linkin Park’s 2007 track “What I’ve Done” he got really angry so I told him I would post it on my site. He’s doing better now but I wouldn’t talk to him for a while if I were you.

Linkin Park - "What I've Done" (2007)
John Carpenter - "Halloween Theme" (1978)
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14 Replies to “Linkin Park vs. Halloween Theme”

  1. Lauren

    The beats are similar as well as the Chorus.

    (HINT: Listen closely to One Direction as they sing, “It’s giving me a heart attack, gettin’ over YOU-OOOO!” Now listen to Big Time Rush as they sing, “There’s a million pretty girls out there but they got, nothin’ on YOU-OOOO!” )

    The BTR album literally came out about 2 days ago. I guess they just really like One Direction’s music, or they are trying to compete with them? Hmmmm….

  2. Steve

    after hearing the Halloween Theme Song, it reminded me a lot of the opening theme song for the old tv show Unsolved Mysteries. u should give it a listen 🙂

    1. Mark Adams

      Someone in the comments section on YouTube suggested that this is where the theme from The Walking Dead came from. Where I come from, it’s night at the moment and it mightn’t have been such a good idea listening to these so soon before bed.


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