Santigold vs. Frida vs. The Bangles

Matthew submitted Santigold‘s “Shooting Arrows At The Sky” (featured on the latest Hunger Games soundtrack) vs. Frida‘s 1982 song “I Know There’s Something Going On”. I think there is in fact something going on here. I also immediately heard “Manic Monday” by The Bangles as well (actually written by Prince).

Santigold - "Shooting Arrows At the Sky" (2013)
Frida - "I Know There's Something Going On" (1982)
The Bangles - "Manic Monday" (1986)
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10 Replies to “Santigold vs. Frida vs. The Bangles”

  1. Mark Adams

    I think Prince also recycled the material from Manic Monday for 1999, but it could be in a different scale or something.

    1. Matthias

      I heard Santigolds “Shooting Arrows” and had a deja vú at once. Listening the ear worm for a while I got it and I thought this must be ABBA! Some minutes ago I found Fridas “Something goes on” at my harddisk. That is it.

    2. Mark Adams

      And Don’t Stop by Aerosmith (1993), b-side to Livin’ On the Edge. Frida’s song certainly was prophetic; the something that’s going on is people writing similar songs to hers. Since I mentioned Aerosmith, the verse of Amazing (1993) sounds like In My Life by The Beatles.

    3. Mark Adams

      Sorry, I had that the wrong way around, Prince recycled 1999 (Sep 1982) for Manic Monday, but Frida had already recorded her song in Feb ’82, according to Wikipedia, which has provided some references. It also tells that Phil Collins said he frequently listened to 1999 while on tour with Genesis, but there’s more: it states that the riff for 1999 was based on Monday, Monday by the Mamas and the Papas (1966).

      Be sure to check my new comment on The Flaming Lips vs Cat Stevens.

  2. Dennis Flynn

    The guitar pluck in Santigolds Shooting Arrows is definitely reminiscent of Frida’s song (and produced by Phil Collins), but I definitely picked up Prince’s 1999 in the vocal melody. A little Werewolves of London in the “wahoos”, too.

  3. Mark Adams

    To gather them up together, there is also Warning (2000) and Before the Lobotomy (2009) both by Green Day. Plus the backing vocals in the pre-chorus or whatever of Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi.


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