The Killers vs. U2 and David Bowie

Submitted by Travis

I didn’t realize The Killers were such fans of U2. I’m actually a little disappointed because I really love this Killers guitar solo. Now I can only think of  “Miracle Drug” when I hear it. After doing some more research I actually found out that Flowers was in fact influenced by U2 when writing “All These Things That I’ve Done” and then admits to lifting the bass line from David Bowie‘s “Slow Burn”. Check it out!

The Killers - "When You Were Young" (2006)

U2 - "Miracle Drug" (2004)

“When that one was cooking I was really into U2’s ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’. I thought that was an amazing comeback for them, and I was blown away by how many great songs were on that record. There’s an earnestness, spirit soul to U2, and I was trying to channel that. I wanted a song that stood up to those songs. We also took the bassline from a David Bowie song called ‘Slow Burn’, from ‘Heathen’, although enough time has probably passed now that I think he probably won’t sue us!”  – from NME

David Bowie - "Slow Burn" (2002)

The Killers - "All These Things That I've Done" (2004)

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16 Replies to “The Killers vs. U2 and David Bowie”

  1. Kev

    The Killers and Bowie. Mr Brightside and Queen Bitch, right down to calling a cab. And the stomach feeling sick/small.

      1. Mark Adams

        Be sure to include Can’t Stop a River by Guy Sebastian (2006) and I Could Have Been a Dreamer by Dio.

        1. Mark Adams

          And maybe Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake, the verse of This Love by Maroon 5 (2002) and This Ain’t Goodbye by Train (2009).

  2. Travis

    Thanks Keith 🙂

    while here allow me to post a rather long one lol

    b52s: rock lobster

    lollipop lust kill: ted(rather creepy)

    britney spears: toxic(may be a stretch)

    veronicas: hook me up(stretch maybe)

    killers: all the pretty faces

    miley cyrus: fly on the wall


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