Sam Smith vs. Tom Petty

Submitted by John

I didn’t have to listen for very long to hear the similarity. Enjoy.

Sam Smith - "Stay With Me" (2014)

Tom Petty - "I Won't Back Down" (1989)

UPDATE 1/26/2015: Sam Smith Settles Copyright With Tom Petty


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11 Replies to “Sam Smith vs. Tom Petty”

  1. Mark Adams

    Stay With Me and I Won’t Back Down remind me of Garden Party. “Cause it’s all right now, I’ve learnt my lesson well, you can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself.” But if you are to post one post based on my comments, I’d like it to be about the cliché love songs, except Drift Away isn’t really a love song, a don’t suppose. It seems Denmark’s entry in Eurovision was just using an artistic reference to other songs, but while that is perfectly ethical and maybe legal, in a songwriting competition, is it original enough to count?

    1. Mark Adams

      If you haven’t posted about the cliché love songs because it’s difficult to keep up with all my comments, I haven’t made any as good as this, so you might as well post this first. I don’t mean to be the 8th dwarf pushy, I just thought you might have forgotten. You’re probably busy and you said you have a lot of drafts.

  2. Lynsey Wallis

    This is one of those songs which I recognised instantly as eing another song. In fact it’s so blatant that it’s impossible that no one at the record company, or publisher/ manager/ agent didn’t suggest this!!! They probably thought ”well put it out and we won’t seek clearance and if we’re sued, we’ll settle”. This seems to be the attitude these days.

    1. Linda

      I picked up on the similarities between these two songs. Maybe we should be working in the music industry.


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