OK Go vs. New Order (And Damian Kulash is in that “First Kiss” video)

OK Go vs. New Order

OK Go has an awesome new video but I still can’t recall a single OK Go hook except for their first big radio hit  “Get Over It” (2002). But that’s besides the point. As soon as “The Writing’s On the Wall” kicked in I thought it was a New Order song. Then I got a message from a guy named Doug who said it sounded like New Order’s “Temptation”. Well, have a listen!

OK Go - "The Writing's On the Wall (Intro)" (2014)

New Order - "Temptation (Intro)" (1982)

OK Go - "The Writing's On the Wall (Verse)" (2014)

New Order - "Temptation (Verse)" (1982)

Here’s the OK Go video for “The Writing’s On the Wall”

I just discovered that OK Go front man  Damian Kulash is in that viral “First Kiss” video. He first appears at :32

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