Led Zeppelin (still) Getting Sued Over “Stairway to Heaven”

This is an update to Led Zeppelin Getting Sued Over “Stairway to Heaven”

Thanks to Mark for bringing this new development to my attention.

According to various sources it looks like the case will move forward and Zeppelin might have their day in court.

Now, Zeppelin and their music companies have requested that the case be dismissed, as the “individual defendants are British citizens residing in England, own no property in Pennsylvania and have no contacts with Pennsylvania, let alone ties sufficient to render them essentially at home here,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The judge, however, said no to that request — so the band will now be forced to move forward with the suit. – source


In response, the plaintiff amended the lawsuit with some emphasis on why a Pennsylvania judge should oversee the case: “Defendants are subject to specific jurisdiction in this district because they make millions of dollars from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania by directly targeting this district for the exploitation of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ through CD sales, digital downloading, radio and television play, advertising, marketing, concert performances, other performances, licensing, and otherwise targeting resident individuals and businesses to profit off the exploitation of ‘Stairway to Heaven.’” – source


And here’s the music. I’m still not sure why Dolly Parton is not included in this mess but have a listen anyway:

Spirit - "Taurus" (1968)
Led Zeppelin - "Stairway to Heaven" (1971)
Dolly Parton - "We Used To" (1975)

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9 Replies to “Led Zeppelin (still) Getting Sued Over “Stairway to Heaven””

  1. H.D. Bruton

    Oy. This has been going on for a while now, hasn’t it? I bet if Stairway wasn’t as popular, Spirit wouldn’t even care–they’re just trying to make money off of what is often considered one of the greatest rock songs ever.

    To be honest, I don’t see the resemblance apart from the strumming pattern and the first three chords, which legally is barely enough to bring about a lawsuit. But apparently their lawyers see more than that. Hey, if Def Leppard allegedly doesn’t have a case against One Direction, I don’t see how this is any different.

    Sorry for the mini-rant, I’m just a little miffed at this. ^^;

    1. Mark Adams

      Of course they wouldn’t care if Stairway wasn’t as popular, they want their piece of a large pie, not a piece of a small pie. If you owned a shop and someone stole a chocolate bar, you may just reprimand them and let them keep it, thinking it isn’t worth worrying about, but if someone stole something valuable, you would want it back. I don’t know if the case will stand up in court, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

      Now Keith, thanks for posting this and you may or may not have noticed that in another link I sent you, it said about the lawyer’s dishonest behaviour in the case against Usher.
      Anyway, here are the links for the Johnny Cash version of Hurt (2002) and Losing You by Barnesy (2007) and the part of Stairway to Heaven I think they sound like.


  2. Mark Adams

    I’ve just joined Soundsjustlike.com and posted my first post. The site only allows me to compare two songs at a time, so instead of posting all the permutations or combinations of each of the comparisons for a single song, I’ve put that under the comments section. Also, it uses it’s own database of songs, so I’ve made some corrections in the comments sections. It sometimes does bizarre things like getting the dates massively wrong and therefore out of sequence and getting the song and artist name mixed up.

      1. Mark Adams

        There are a few similar sites, but I guess the name is similar too. Another case where the rip off is inferior to the original. The owner of the website may have more freedom with posts, but other users don’t and it doesn’t seem to have an option for selecting just the similar fragments, but at the rate I’ve found similarities, I need somewhere to post them myself and I prefer to add to an already large database (posts come thick and fast on Soundsjustlike.com) than start from scratch.

        Anyway, it seems the injunction against Stairway isn’t going to come through, as the Deluxe Editions of Untitled/The Four Symbols/Zoso/Led Zeppelin IV and Houses of the Holy have recently been released, and to seek an injunction against the former now would be “shutting the gate once the horse has bolted”, so to speak.


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