That Dog vs. Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive's song "The Other Side" sounds just like a That Dog song from 1997

This glorious gem submitted by Robbie is a no-brainer for ThatSongSoundsLike. Have a listen to the opening verses of Tonight Alive‘s 2013 track “The Other Side” and That Dog‘s 1997 track “Minneapolis”.

Tonight Alive - "The Other Side" (2013)

That Dog - "Minneapolis" (1997)

But wait! There’s More! Check out the album art on Tonight Alive’s record:

Tonight Alive - The Other Side

Look familiar?

Interpol “Obstacle 1” (2002)


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5 Replies to “That Dog vs. Tonight Alive”

  1. Mark Adams

    I have noticed some other cases of similar album covers, such as Thirsty Merc-Slideshows (Apr ’07) vs. John Fogerty-Revival (Sep 2007) and Seekers-Seen in Green (1967) vs. Creedence-Bayou Country (1969) .—F-453401.jpg

    A friend at Tafe also compared Nickelback-All the Right Reasons (2005) vs. Bon Jovi-Lost Highway (’07), All the Right Reasons being an extension of Curb (1996).

    I also once saw a record for sale by a band called Chalice who had an album cover with the band members faces appearing on chalices, much like on the cover of Deep Purple-Come Taste the Band (1975).

      1. Mark Adams

        Glad you liked them. As always, I think it is important to think about the complexity of the idea to determine whether someone may have needed to copy or could come up with something similar without copying.
        As an extension of this, check out these wedding pictures I saw a news report about. Let me point out that the wedding pics were from last year, i.e. 5 years AFTER 21st Century Breakdown. People say about life imitating art and this seems to be true, especially considering the wedding in question seemed to be following a scenario out of an episode of Modern Family.…1930.8700.0.8981.…0…1ac.1.60.img..9.14.2772.qLhjCMdhjaE

        1. Keith Post author

          Ha. Those wedding photos were actually in the news a bit. A lot of people were upset about those since meanwhile in the background land and homes were being destroyed in a wildfire.


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