5 Songs That Sound Like Girl Crush


UPDATE: 02-15-2016
“Girl Crush” wins “Best Country Song” at the 2016 Grammies.  Remember Lady Antebellum’s Grammy Award winning “Need You Know” (2009)? Lady Antebellum vs. The Alan Parsons Project


There has been a bit of discussion on facebook over what sounds like Little Big Town’s controversial track “Girl Crush”. My first reaction was that the guitar riff sounded a lot like “Unchained Melody”. A few others chimed in and and there are some good ones. Have a listen!


Little Big Town - "Girl Crush" (2014)

Bonnie Tyler - "It's A Heartache" (1977)

Rascal Flatts - "I Won't Let Go" (2011)

Unchained Melody” original written in 1955. Righteous brothers version here:

Righteous Brothers - "Unchained Melody" (1965)

Not really sure what this is but here ya go:

Randy Rothwell - "Sanctuary" (1993?)

Not really sure this one is similar enough but a lot of people seem to think so:

Dani & Lizzy - "Dancing in the sky" (2013)


Bon Jovi vs. Bonnie Tyler vs. Ankie Bagger vs. Belinda Carlisle

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26 Replies to “5 Songs That Sound Like Girl Crush”

  1. Mark Adams

    Unchained Melody has a pretty standard 12/8 arpeggiated pattern, but for the melody discussed, I’d like to add Sailing by Rod Stewart (1975). For a while I thought Sailing and It’s a Heartache sounded similar, but not close enough. Now there is a missing link or two or three, though.

      1. Mark Adams

        Thanks, Travis, for your vote of confidence, and I’m not sure if I worded the previous comment correctly about missing links, what I meant was that a missing link or two or three has now been found.

  2. Robin

    When I first heard “Girl Crush”, I thought it sounded similar to Bonnie Raitt’s version of the song “Darlin” from the Urban Cowboy soundtrack.

  3. Giovanni

    A complete melodic ripoff of Bonnie Tyler’s “It’s a Heartache”. This was driving me crazy….”I’ve heard this song” etc….
    Bonnie would have a case here, just like Sam Smith’s ripoff of Petty’s “won’t back down”.

  4. Breida

    When i first heard Girl Crush, I Wont Let Go by Rascal Flatts was the first song that came into my mind. Very good list.

  5. Lee

    Donna’s right. Sounds exactly like Rascal Flatt’s’ I won’t let go. Last night at the Dove Awards, There was another. Chorus was different but verses identical tune. It was called Loving Jesus.

  6. Pete

    I thought it sounded like in the arms of an angel! How is that not on there as a song that sounds similar?


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