The Offspring vs. Linkin Park vs. Tears For Fears

Linkin Park New Divide vs. The Offspring

Submitted by Travis.

Given the history of The Offspring on this site Travis and I were both a little surprised to see a band sounding LIKE The Offspring rather than the other way around. Check out the main riff on Linkin Park’s 2009 “New Divide” and The Offspring’s 1997 “Gone Away”. After listening to the both of these I also certainly hear Tears for Fears “Mad World” especially in “New Divide”. Maybe that’s what the guy on the turntable in the band is actually playing 🙂

Linkin Park - "New Divide" (2009)
The Offspring - "Gone Away" (1997)
Tears for Fears - "Mad World" (1982)

And overall “New Divide” and “Gone Away” have very similar verse instrumentation.

Linkin Park - "New Divide" (2009)
The Offspring - "Gone Away" (1997)


Muse vs. The Offspring

Muse vs. The Offspring (Again)

Belle & Sebastian vs. The Offspring


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12 Replies to “The Offspring vs. Linkin Park vs. Tears For Fears”

  1. Travis

    thanks for this one Keith..

    btw.. check out these 3:

    bee gees: words

    richard harris: macarthur park

    faith hill and tim mcgraw: like we never loved at all

  2. Travis

    cant post links..

    sum 41: makes no difference

    relient k: pressing on

    bowling for soup: punk rock 101

    avril: everything back but you

  3. Travis

    offsprig: half truism

    mcr: helena

    offspring pretty much took the whole thing with slight changes..

    im still convinced though that chorus is something much older especially the offspring version

  4. Travis

    Martina McBride: in my daughter’s eyes

    Edwin McCain: could not ask for more

    Sara Evans version is probably more known

  5. Nurul

    If you listen the chorus of Invincible by Muse you’ll find it similar with the chorus of Everybody’s Changing by Keane


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