Public Image Ltd (PiL) vs. The Stills

Public Image Limited vs. The Stills

If there is a song on this site that screams homage than this MUST be it. I was listening to a satellite radio station the other day and PiL‘s 1983 track “This is Not a Love Song” came on and I immediately thought of  “Still in Love Song” by The Stills. If this was was not intentional then I would love to have a chat with The Stills about this one.

The Stills - "Still in Love Song" (2003)
PiL - "This is Not a Love Song" (1983)
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5 Replies to “Public Image Ltd (PiL) vs. The Stills”

  1. Brennan

    Hey Keith! I was listening to Daft Punk’s Discovery album, and one of the track on there, Veridis Quo:
    sounds remarkably similar to Coldplay’s new song, Adventure of a Lifetime, at around the 4:07-ish time mark here:
    So much so that every time I listen to “Quo” I have to sing Adventure of a Lifetime along with it. I found this interesting, so I thought I’d share.

  2. borrovan

    I noticed the similarity when I bought the ‘Lola Stars And Stripes’ single with the remix of this song on, and the similarity is more pronounced, and I am fairly sure – although obviously I have no proof – that it is a deliberate nod to PiL because of the song title and done for the amusement of the band and musical trainspotters who will immediately spot it and nod knowingly at their cool choice of song to refer to.


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