Guns N’ Roses vs. Adam and the Ants


Submitted by Jean

Wow!  You don’t have to listen hard to hear this one. The chugging intro of “Mr. Brownstone” (1987) sounds a bit too much like the intro of Adam and the Ant’s 1980 track “Making History”. Check it out!

Guns N' Roses - "Mr. Brownstone" (1987)
Adam and the Ants - "Making History" (1980)
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2 Replies to “Guns N’ Roses vs. Adam and the Ants”

  1. Tin Ears

    The All-American Rejects’ song “Move Along” sounds just a bit like the Guns N’ Roses intro.

    Maybe “Head Like a Hole” by Nine Inch Nails as well (0:10 on).


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