Logan Paul Sued for “No Handlebars”

Billboard.com reports that, “Colorado rap-rock group Flobots is suing YouTube star Logan Paul for copyright infringement over his 2017 single “No Handlebars,” documents filed in U.S. District Court in California show.”

“In the suit, Flobots claim Paul’s “No Handlebars” “copies prominent, qualitatively and quantitively important, original parts” of their 2008 single “Handlebars,” thereby infringing their copyright. They are seeking actual damages in addition to profits “that are attributable to the copyrighted material,” an accounting of “all profits, income, receipts, or other benefits” derived by Paul and Maverick Media from “No Handlebars,” an injunction barring them from further infringing their copyright and the establishment of a “running royalty on all future exploitations” of the song.”

Have a listen!

Logan Paul - "No Handlebars" (2017)
Flobots - "Handlebars" (2008)
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