Green Day’s New Song Sounds Like Pink

I’ve been following Justin Hawkins on TikTok and he has a great video about Green Day’s new single (follow him, he will entertain you!). Here’s the YouTube version to save you from a TikTok void.  “One Eyed Bastard” (2024). Apparently fans are pointing out that the opening riff sounds a lot like Pink’s 2008 “So What”. Pink’s track also bears resemblance to Deep Purple’s 1970 “Black Night”.  (sidenote, Max Martin has made a few appearance on this site, including this lawsuit from a Katy Perry song and another appearance for an Ariana Grande song)

And with that said, here are some clips to listen to and think about:

Green Day – “One Eyed Bastard” (2024)

Pink – “So What” (2008)

Deep Purple – “Black Night” (1970)

I also couldn’t help hear something else in the Green Day song. The Offspring “Self Esteem” maybe? I dunno, there’s probably a hundred pop punk songs that this part could be compared to. Have a listen!

Green Day – “One Eyed Bastard” Verse (2024)

The Offspring – “Self Esteem” (1994)

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4 Replies to “Green Day’s New Song Sounds Like Pink”

  1. Mark Adams

    Of course I didn’t read all of the comments on the YouTube video, but looking at the replies to the first comment, someone said that Black Night is “ripping off” We Ain’t Got Nothing Yet by Blues Magoos (1966). Despite the obvious similarity, a book of mine gives a quote from Ritchie Blackmore, crediting Ricky Nelson’s version of Summertime (1962) (perhaps they both “ripped it off”), which is quite different from a typical recording of the Gershwin song.

    While the Justin Hawkins video mentions The Passenger for Green Day’s verse melody and there is a similarity to Self-Esteem, I think that they’re “ripping off” their own Holiday, which sounds like their own Hold On. Besides, I think that I posted a comment before (I believe that I commented on most things at one stage) where I mentioned that there are a number of songs which feature that same four-note sequence, either as a vocal melody, or as an instrumental.

      1. Mark Adams

        Refer to the earlier post here:

        Also, I can’t help but notice that an early Mickey Mouse pops up in Green Day’s music video. The version featured in the cartoon Steamboat Willie entered the public domain last November. Might this suggest that Green Day wouldn’t be stupid enough to take something that’s covered by copyright, when the public domain is so rich?


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