Miley Cyrus “Flowers” Sounds Like Ace of Base and Bruno Mars

Miley Cyrus won a Grammy for her 2023 track “Flowers“.  But first have a listen to this….

My brother just sent me this for the website. Have a listen to Ace of Base’s 1995 track “Beautiful Life” (also the music video is amazing):

Here’s Miley’s song (you’ve probably heard it a few times already):

I took a look at the “Flowers” wikipedia page and a few other things jumped out at me.  I definitely  already heard the Gloria Gaynor “I Will Survive” (1978) references when I first heard the song. I believe this was intentional (sorry, I don’t have a source for that. I think I saw it on the internet, or heard it from someone, might’ve been a podcast, a news headline, or maybe a TikTok video):

And finally here is what the wikipedia entry says about Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” (2012):

The song’s chorus is a paraphrase of Bruno Mars’s “When I Was Your Man” (2012).[Editors of Billboard noted that the songs only feature similar lyrical elements and ideas, meaning that the writers of “When I Was Your Man” are not required to be credited as co-writers of “Flowers”.

It seems more like it’s the verse, here ya go:

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      1. Travis

        this one(according to a few sources) might turn into a court case. im not really seeing how adele can defend this one.


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