Whitney Houston vs. X-Men Theme

Submitted by Patrick

Here’s another great Theme Song comparison. Check out the intro and chorus of Whitney Houston‘s 1990 “I’m Your Baby” and the theme song from the X-Men cartoon theme written by Ron Wasserman. I’m not entirely sure if this is the 1992 version of the theme or not.

Whitney Houston - "I'm Your Baby Tonight" (1990)

Whitney Houston - "I'm Your Baby Tonight" (1990)

X-Men - "Theme" (1992)

Muse vs. Top Gear (Super NES)

Submitted by Max

If you discover Muse on this site for the first time you can be assured of at least two things: They like Dr. Who and Super Nintendo game music. Have a listen to this music from Super Nintendo’s 1992 high speed car race game “Top Gear” and the ethereal synth line in Muse’s 2001 “Bliss”.

While we’re here I can’t help notice the lead melody in the intro of “Top Gear”. In this sample below it starts after the first run of the arpeggio. It sounds like a rather popular song with a female vocal. Help!

Nintendo - "Super NES Top Gear" (1992)

Muse - "Bliss" (2001)

Update 9/16/2014:  H.D. Bruton made a great addition to this post in the comments below. According to Muse fan site InMuseWorld.net Matt Bellamy of Muse recalls when writing “Bliss”:

“…it´s got all these 80s arpeggios and keyboards on it which remind me of some music I heard on some children’s music programme when I was five. I think I ripped it off that. And that reminds me of when I was a bit simpler, a bit more of a pleasant state.”

Perhaps it was Top Gear he was hearing all along!

Oh, and check this out! Lady Gaga’s”Judas” sounds just like the Top Gear melody that comes in later. Check it out!

Lady Gaga vs. Top Gear

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