Clairo, Sofia, Manchester Orchestra, and The Strokes


Raise your hand if you do not like Clairo’s 2019 “Sofia”?


Nobody is raising their hand. That’s because it’s a great song! It’s just so infectious!

It is so infectious and somehow familiar I just had to google around the internet and see if anyone felt they heard it somewhere before (sometimes people do this and they find this very site 🙂 ). I seemed to have landed on a reddit thread. It is here I discovered Manchester Orchestra’s “The Mistake” (2017).  I can’t say I’ve ever heard this song but I’m now a fan. That melody.. it’s pretty close…


But wait, there’s more! A lot of people have compared “Sofia” to the sounds of The Strokes. The production and melodic style is definitely there. Someone on reddit pointed out The Stokes “I’ll Try Anything Once” (cool video! check it out!) (which is actually a demo version of “You Only Live Once” (2005)). This demo version contains a melodic line not found in the album version and…. it’s pretty close!


There’s even this Albert Hammond Jr. song “Set to Attack” (2018) that’s also pretty similar.

And finally, there’s even a clip posted in 2022 on Youtube of The Strokes playing “Sofia” and we have come full circle.

Have a happy new year!


update: Jan 1, 2024

Looks like Clairo recorded a cover of “I’ll Try Anything Once”. Posted 2020



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blink-182 vs The Cure

I’ve been meaning to post the Angels & Airwaves “Everything’s Magic” (2007) bassline similarity to The Cure’s 1985 “Close to Me” and then Blink-182’s new album in 2023 came out and Hoppus’ bassline in “Fell in Love” followed the same pattern so I had to post. Have a listen!

The Cure – “Close to Me” (1985)

Blink-182 – “Fell in Love” (2023)

Angels & Airwaves – “Everything’s Magic” (2007)

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Goldfinger “Superman” vs. Green Day “Basket Case”

I was recently chatting with my friend Lawrence (check out his website if you’re into DIY guitar gear!) about songwriting and good ‘ol Pachelbel’s Canon which so much pop music is based on and he mentioned Goldfinger’s 1997 track “Superman” (which was later made more popular by Tony Hawk’s video game franchise) and Green Day’s 1994 single “Basket Case”.  I’ll just drop these clips here for ya.


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