Sam Smith Sued For “Dancing With A Stranger”

According to Rolling Stone Sam Smith is being sued for his massive 2019 hit “Dancing with a Stranger”. It seems that a group of songwriters lead by Jordan Vincent published a very similar sounding song in 2015 which also bears a very similar name – “Dancing With a Stranger”.

Here is a side-by-side comparison that seems to have originated from the lawsuit:


Full Videos Below:

Sam Smith, Normani – “Dancing With A Stranger” (2019)


Jordan Vincent – “Dancing With Strangers” (Original Release 2015)

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Did Nickelback Steal “Rockstar”?

I never thought I would say this but I think I might agree with Nickleback on this. TLDR some guy/band is suing Nickleback because they had a song called “Rockstar”, knew some label people, had their song circling around, blablabla and suspect Nickelback lifted their tune. I’ve been a bit lazy lately and skimmed through the tracks and I’m not sure there’s a case here. Well, I guess if I were

Here’s some more in depth info written by someone who has invested in this a little more:

Here are the two songs:



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