The Asphalt vs. Daughtry


I came across this gem while doing a little research on Dr. Luke.

Back in 2008 The Asphalt sued the Daughtry camp for the similarity of his song “Feels Like Tonight”.

Daughtry is being sued by Randy Mazick [The Asphalt] because Mazick alleges that the song “Feels Like Tonight” on the album “Daughtry” is a copy of Mazick’s own song called “Tonight.” The lawsuit says Mazick said his band, The Asphalt, first performed the song in 2005, ahead of Daughtry’s 2006 release. – macworld

According to wikipedia the case was eventually settled out of court.

The Asphalt - "Tonight" (2005)

Daughtry - "Feels Like Tonight" (2006)

Avril Lavigne vs. Peaches

Avril Lavigne vs. Peaches on

Play these at the same time. It will blow your mind.

Avril Lavigne - "I Don't Have to Try" (2007)

Peaches - "I'm the Kinda" (2003)

Oh, and “I Don’t Have to Try” is produced by Lukasz Gottwald (aka Dr. Luke).  Gottwald, thanks for giving me so much great material for this site.

Avril and Gottwald were taken to court for her 2007 track “Girlfriend”. It sounds a lot like The Rubinoos‘ 1979 “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”.

Check it out: Avril Lavigne vs. The Rubinoos

Update 2/13/2013: 
I just read Butch Walker‘s entertaining book Drinking with Strangers: Music Lessons from a Teenage Bullet Belt. He’s also produced a lot of Avril Lavigne’s tracks. He recounts a wild night with Tommy Lee, taking a helicopter ride to a Peaches show. He’s a big fan but not listed as producer on “I Don’t Have to Try”. He also has a lot of beef with another produced he calls “Larry”.


Kelly Clarkson vs. Beyoncé vs. Christina Perri vs. Jessie J

Kelly Clarkson vs. Beyoncé vs. Christina Perri vs. Jessie J on

Ever since Beyoncé released “Halo” in 2008 I thought it sounded like something  else. Then I discovered this Kelly Clarkson thing with her track “Already Gone” (2009). Clarkson accused her own co-writer (and OneRepublic frontman) Ryan Tedder of using the same music as “Halo” which he also co-wrote.  But wait, there’s more! What’s going on with  Christina Perri‘s “Jar of Hearts” (2012)?  Doesn’t it also sound like “Halo”?

Kelly Clarkson unsuccessfully fought her record label not to release “Already Gone” as the third single off her new album, as the music is the same as the music from Beyonce’s hit “Halo.”

Clarkson co-wrote the lyrics and was provided the track by producer Ryan Tedder who had, unbeknownst to her, given the same track to Beyonce. By the time Clarkson heard Halo and realized what had happened, her album had printed and shipped and it was too late to omit the track. – Huffington Post

Have a listen to them all. And while you’re hear have a listen to this OneRepublic soundalike. Tedder seems to really like that huge arena drum beat sound.
OneRepublic – “Secrets” (2009) vs. Mötley Crüe – “Home Sweet Home” (1985)….

Beyoncé - "Halo" (2008)
Kelly Clarkson - "Already Gone" (2009)
Christina Perri - "Jar of Hearts" (2010)

But wait! There’s more!!  Now listen to Jessie J‘s 2011 “Price Tag” with the verse from “Halo”! Ok, this one is more of a stretch, but what the hell.

Beyoncé - "Halo" (2008)

Jessie J – Price Tag (2011)


Had enough? “Price Tag” was co-written by our favorite producer Dr. Luke!

I’m also still convinced that “Halo” sounds just like something from a decade or two ago. Anyone have any ideas??