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These are the people that take your awesome submissions and turn them into what you see at It’s a lot of work!


Keith Hopkin on ThatSongSoundsLike
Keith Hopkin started ThatSongSoundsLike in 2007 because he wanted to have a place where people can discover the similarities that weave through pop music.  Keith was a founding member (drums) of the band Asobi Seksu. More recently he played drums in a Weezer tribute band called The Blue Album Group.  Keith also shoots videos like this: and is currently Video Producer at Mashable where he makes videos like this and like this. Be his fan on facebook: more of his work at ArtworkNotAvailable.comPosts on

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7 Replies to “The Team”

  1. Lee

    Whatcha Gonna Do with That Dessert & A Groovy Kind of Love sound so much alike to me. (I know A Groovy Kind of Love was recorded by Phil Collins in 1990 and originally by the Mindbenders 1965 U.K./1966 U.S.) What do you guys think about Whatcha Gonna Do with That Dessert? Sound familiar?

  2. shane

    Hello Keith,
    Was just listening to Happy by the Rolling Stones and I kept unconsciously singing Jeremiah was a bullfrog by ‘Three Dog Night’
    Sing the line in ‘HAPPY’ by the Stones ‘Always took candy from strangers’ and then substitute ‘Jeremiah was a Bullfrog’, see what I mean?

    I love ‘Happy’ much more than ‘Jeremiah’ but which came first? law case?

    PS I am sure your site would take off if you had someone keeping it updated. I know this is almost impossible if you have other commitments but I think the concept of this site has huge potential. Think about the legal implications and the money involved in the law suits.

    Also think Keef and Mick had Brian knocked off but that’s another matter lol cheers, Shane


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