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These are the people that take your awesome submissions and turn them into what you see at It’s a lot of work!


Keith Hopkin on ThatSongSoundsLike
Keith Hopkin started ThatSongSoundsLike in 2007 because he wanted to have a place where people can discover the similarities that weave through pop music.  Keith was a founding member (drums) of the band Asobi Seksu. More recently he played drums in a Weezer tribute band called The Blue Album Group.  Keith also shoots videos like this: and is currently Video Producer at Mashable where he makes videos like this and like this. Be his fan on facebook: more of his work at ArtworkNotAvailable.comPosts on

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  1. Lee

    Whatcha Gonna Do with That Dessert & A Groovy Kind of Love sound so much alike to me. (I know A Groovy Kind of Love was recorded by Phil Collins in 1990 and originally by the Mindbenders 1965 U.K./1966 U.S.) What do you guys think about Whatcha Gonna Do with That Dessert? Sound familiar?


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