Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth vs. Jennifer Warnes

Wiz Khalifa vs. Jennifer Warnes

This gem was submitted via facebook by Su Mann Ong

Next time you’re humming along to the Charlie Puth‘s melody in Wiz Khalifa‘s “See You again” think again. Check out this Jennifer Warnes track from 1979!

Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth - "See You Again" (2015)

Jennifer Warnes - "I Know A Heartache When I See One" (1979)


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4 Replies to “Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth vs. Jennifer Warnes”

  1. Mark Adams

    I think it’s actually a common sort of melody, relating to Fun. vs. Sesame Street and all the additions I made in the comments section, plus Cecelia by Simon and Garfunkel (1970), Royal Blue by Cold War Kids (2011) (those two additions came from posts on another website) and some Celtic jigs such as Blue Bonnett’s Jig and The Kesh Jig.

    1. Mark Adams

      Maybe even Easter Sunday and The Runaway Bride, plus That’s Christmas to Me by Pentatonix (2014), Eye of the Storm by Scorpions (2015) and What’s Wrong with the Way I Live? by The Hollies (1966). I can also hear a bit of Crazy Love (1970) and Days Like This (1995), both by Van Morrison.


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