Sweet vs. ELO

Kendra sent me this one.

It’s not necessarily mind blowing but over the years you’ve probably been confused by Electric Light Orchesatra‘s 1976 hit “Do Ya” (original recorded in 1972) and Sweet‘s 1975 hit “Fox on The Run”.  There are definitely some similarities here. Have a listen:

Electric Light Orchesatra - "Do Ya" (1976)

Sweet - "Fox On The Run" (1975)

Update 7/27/2012:
As pointed out by Tom in the comments below, check out George Harrison‘s “What Is Life” from 1970:

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8 Replies to “Sweet vs. ELO”

  1. Tom

    Take a listen to the chorus of George Harrison’s What is Life (1970). I think you will see where both ELO and Sweet might have gotten the idea.

  2. JayD

    Speaking of “What is Life” by George Harrison, the verses in that song sound identical to the verses in “Keep on Running” by the Spencer Davis Group.

  3. David Shakespeare

    I am surprised that Sweet were not sued for this. Fox On The Run is too similar for it to be coincidental.


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