Meghan Trainor vs. Koyote vs. Phish


Submitted by Manuel

I’m surprised this didn’t come through my email when everyone was all about that bass. Check out Meghan Trainor‘s hit song alongside South Korean pop band Koyote‘s “Happy Mode”. After digging a little it seems others have pointed out an old Phish track called “Contact”. Out of all of the million Phish songs out there I actually knew this one because of its silly repeated lyric.

There are probably quite a few other songs out there following this same melody but for now here are three:

Meghan Trainor - "All About That Bass " (2014)

Koyote - "Happy Mode" (2006)

Phish - "Contact" (1989)



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9 Replies to “Meghan Trainor vs. Koyote vs. Phish”

  1. Mark Adams

    I don’t know where you got that date for All About That Bass, I heard it on the Nova 91.9 at a course I was attending last September.

  2. Jack

    I feel like this melody feels really familiar/simple. Are you sure it hasn’t been used earlier in bossa nova or doo-wop or something??

  3. Mark Adams

    I’ve got two more to add: Summerlove Sensation by Bay City Rollers (1974) and Four and Twenty Hours, originally recorded by The Fortunes (1971), but perhaps best known as being sung by Nana Mouskouri (1972). Four and Twenty Hours is adapted from an Italian song, Piu Importante dell’amore by Anna Indentici (1968) and had also been recorded in Spanish as Lo Importante del amor by Estela Nunez (1970).


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