Madonna vs. ABBA

Submitted by Lynn

It’s not a dead ringer but Madonna‘s 1989 “Like a Prayer” and ABBA‘s 1975 “S.O.S” share a similar overall sound.  Have a listen to these parts:

ABBA - "S.O.S" (1975)

Madonna - "Like a Prayer" (1989)

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9 Replies to “Madonna vs. ABBA”

    1. Keith Post author

      An entry is never too old 🙂

      Thanks for the tip. Do you have a link or some sort of documentation that mentions that ABBA gave permission?

  1. KL

    ^No, that commenter is mistaken, and is thinking about another Madonna song, ‘Hung Up’, which samples another ABBA song, ‘Gimme a Man After Midnight’. That one has the sample. This one just sounds vaguely, minimally like the other one- but a stretch is pretty accurate.


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