Madonna vs. Imagine Dragons

Maddona vs. Imagine Dragons

I thought I was crazy but Ryan G submitted this and confirmed my belief that Imagine Dragons’ “Demons” sounds a bit like Madonna‘s “Like a Prayer”. Maybe it’s more of the vocal cadence. Have a listen:

Imagine Dragons - "Demons" (2012)

Madonna - "Like a Prayer" (1989)


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11 Replies to “Madonna vs. Imagine Dragons”

  1. Mark Adams

    Demons reminds me of several four chord songs, such as Like Only a Woman Can by Brian McFadden, but while Like Only a Woman Can goes down an octave on the line: “She knows her man”, Demons goes up for “That’s where my demons hide”. Also the verse is reminiscent of The Scientist by Coldplay (2002).

        1. Mark Adams

          Fitting that I found it on another website. posted it over a year ago. I was tossing up with to comment it or not, because I’m not all that fussed about High School Musical, but I guess the point is: Ashley Tisdale is popular is certain circles.

        2. Mark Adams

          Excuse me for crediting my sources. I know it may be a sore point with you, but it’s not like I’ve been writing incessantly about it. From now on, reluctantly the information in my comments is coming from anonymous sources.

  2. Jaren

    Is it just me or did imagine dragons rip themselves off? The beginnings of their song hopeless opus and underdog sound really similar


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