Jimmy Eat World vs. Kelly Clarkson

Jimmy Eat World vs. Kelly Clarkson

Thanks to Kenny for sending this to me

Wow, check out Kelly Clarkson’s new track “Heartbeat Song”. You might immediately recognize the similarity to Jimmy Eat World‘s hit  “The Middle”.


Kelly Clarkson - "Heartbeat Song (Chorus)" (2015)

Jimmy Eat World - "The Middle (Chorus)" (2001)


Kelly Clarkson - "Heartbeat Song (Verse)" (2015)
Jimmy Eat World - "The Middle (Verse)" (2001)


And here are the full songs:

Kelly Clarkson – “Heartbeat Song” (2015)

Jimmy Eat World – “The Middle” (2001)

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14 Replies to “Jimmy Eat World vs. Kelly Clarkson”

  1. Mark Adams

    For the verses, try Halo, which you already have a post about and for the choruses, try I’m Yours and the songs you’ve posted which sound similar to it, plus You Already Know by Train (2009).

  2. H.D. Bruton



    I mean, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! Apart from the lyrics and the pitch/octave it’s sung in, there’s NO DIFFERENCE! I’m so glad this hasn’t become a serious hit yet, otherwise I’d have to hear it blasted by all my high school classmates and on many local radio stations.

    Every time I’d hear it among friends, I’d say something along the lines of, “Hey, it’s Jimmy Eat World. I mean, Jimmy Eat World. I mean, Jimmy Eat World! I mean… Kelly Clarkson.” Jeez.

      1. H.D. Bruton

        No, I’m not, I myself have actually written several songs and have a classical training, and I realize that everything is derivative of something else. But at the same time… oh god, this song. Just wow.

      2. Mark Adams

        True, like calculations about how many possible songs don’t account for similar songs. For example, in a two note pattern there are 7^1 which end with the same note and the same number which start with the same note if it is diatonic, or 12 for each in a chromatic pattern. For a three note pattern, the same applies, as well as the same again for the number of patterns starting or ending with the same two notes.

        I have seen statements about 60% originality, so by extension, in a 16 note pattern there are 823,543 patterns which end in the same 9 notes, and to consider how many contain this pattern, times by the eight positions the pattern can be in, so 6,588,344, or 286,654,464 if the pattern is chromatic and consideration can also be made for patterns with a note different in between, of which there are 49, plus the 7 starting and 7 ending with different notes, so 6,588,407 or 286,654,527 if the pattern is chromatic, out of 33 trillion possiblilities, but that’s still one 20 millionth of a percent, if the pattern is chromatic it’s one 1.5 billionth of a percent, but one 4 millionth of a percent if the pattern is pentatonic.

        We still come across such things more often than one in 400 million, though and even grace note only has about 130 million songs, which would be including covers, remixes, different versions and re-releases, but what is the most restricting on writing music is the desire, either conscious or subconscious to create something connected to something else and the listeners desire to hear the same thing.

        Still, it would be hard to believe someone could come up with a song with the same verse and chorus melody as another without noticing what they’ve done, not that I’d blame Kelly Clarkson, though, as I think she has someone who writes the songs for her.

        1. Mark Adams

          Sorry, the percentages are one 200,000th of a percent, one 15 millionth of a percent and one 40,000th of a percent, but we still come across such things more often than one in 4 million.

    1. Mark Adams

      According to the Australian promotion of Piece by Piece, Heartbeat Song is now a hit, but that is television advertising and I’ve seen channel 7 advertise shows making their debut in the near future as: Australia’s No. 1 Drama, even if they did get good results from advance screenings, what you learn in statistics is that the sample may not be representative of the population.

      1. Mark Adams

        I guess what they’re going for is a self-fulfilling prophecy, but advertising is notorious for sensationalising things. E.g. are we really expected to believe that a deodorant or even a ice-cream (Streets Cornetto Enigma) will make a person irresistible to the opposite sex? I’m sure we can all think of some more, but I’ve just mentioned the most ridiculous examples. Serious, with advertising we have to buy into things based on things we know aren’t true, a lot like voting.

    1. Mark Adams

      Sometimes Wikipedia mentions such things, and other times it doesn’t, like it lists several songs as written by Plant & Page when clearly that is an exaggeration. Like with all mstters, Wikipedia has things which can be found virtually nowhere else, but you can be surprised by what isn’t on Wiki as well.

  3. Jim Harshman

    Looks like I’m a little late to the party, but don’t both songs sound like Such Great Heights by The Postal Service?


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