One Direction vs. New Found Glory vs. Journey

Left: Steve Perry of Journey, Right: Somebody from One Direction

This one was noted by Eleanor and H.D. Bruton. This isn’t the first time One Direction has appeared on this site either. I have compiled another post called 10 One Direction Songs that Sound Like Other Songs.

On first listen you will no doubt hear the strong similarity of Journey‘s 1983 classic “Faithfully”.  New Found Glory also has a similar intro. I’ll just line ’em up for you and you can listen for yourself.

One Direction - "Steal My Girl" (2014)

Journey - "Faithfully" (1983)

New Found Glory - "It's Not Your Fault" (2006)

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17 Replies to “One Direction vs. New Found Glory vs. Journey”

  1. Travis

    6 writers for “steal my girl” and it bears that close a resemblance….

    right from the wiki page on “steal my girl”

    The song received generally positive reviews from critics. Lucas Villa of AXS praised One Direction’s classic rock sound of “Steal My Girl”, noting similarities to Journey’s “Faithfully”. He wrote that “the guys have been digging in their parents’ record collections” and added “[it’s] a pretty neat and new direction for the band.”[10] Samantha Highfill of Entertainment Weekly suggests that the song is “dad-friendly”, emphasizing on the classic rock sound.[11] Billboard gave the song four and a half out of five stars, stating it “represents the group’s most tremendous Van Halen impression yet.”[12] Jim Farber from the Daily News reviews the single as a throwback to the 70’s and 80’s due to the arena rock ballad.[13]

    Upon the release of “Steal My Girl”, Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert accused the band of copying New Found Glory’s “It’s Not Your Fault”.[14][15][16]

    now that is funny Hayley Williams accusing of copying…

    Paramore themselves have done a bit of copying.. got sued at 1 point over the following but it was dropped…

    paramore: the only exception

    1. Mark Adams

      I don’t know how billboard could say that; the vocals are nothing like either Diamond Dave or Sammy Hagar and I’m sure there isn’t a guitarist like Eddie. A ‘Straits of Massachusetts’ closeness, I think (if you’ve seen Family Ties you’ll know what I mean) and somewhat insulting to Van Halen.

  2. Travis

    oh keith(or anyone)

    judge this one please

    aqua: barbie girl

    leann rimes: cant fight the moonlight

    leann’s sounds like a slowed down version of that part of barbie girl..

    least me and a friend both think so

  3. Steve Austin

    I wonder how nobody heard ABBAs Winner takes it all (1980) in the songs. I meant its not an exact copy note by note but it does have the same pattern and structure and it’s older.

        1. Mark Adams

          What is it with people posting comments adding the same song? If it’s casting votes for an updated post, then I agree that the arrangement is similar.


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