Mika vs. Belinda Carlisle

Travis brought this great one to my attention.

Mika vs. Belinda Carlise

Mika - "We are Golden" (2009)
Belinda Carlisle - "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" (1987)
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14 Replies to “Mika vs. Belinda Carlisle”

  1. Mark Adams

    I know what I said before, but these comments were in much the same place as this one.
    In my opinion, my replies to the first of these three are the best. Plus, maybe you could tell me what sort of submissions most interest you and I could see what I can do. Obviously you like Jawbreaker and Weezer and the way you talk about Green Day they must be a band you like too. Any others? I know you said you like TV show theme comparisons, so here’s one: It’s Alright, the theme song from New Tricks (2003) sounds like End of the Line by The Travelling Wilburys (1988), there’s even some similar lyrics and the riff from It’s Alright reminds me of the Foodland jingle sometime between 1993 and 2013, but I can’t find an ad with the riff in it, maybe I just don’t remember it correctly, but there is a similarity in the one I’ve included.


    1. Mark Adams

      I do actually have one for Weezer: their new song Foolish Father (recorded sometime between Jan and 7th of Oct 2014) sounds like Oh, Lady Be Good (1924), Puttin’ On the Ritz (1929), Sunny Afternoon (1966), Children of the Grave (1971), I Was Made for Loving You (1979), Call Me (1980), Staring at the Sun (1997), Road to Mandalay (2000), Feel Good Inc. (2005), Outlaw Pete (2007), Restless Heart Syndrome (2009), Kidz (2011) and Live Louder (previewed on VEVO 20th of Aug and released 5th of Sep).

      BTW, I know what you mean about CatrianiPlay, it gets to the point where hearing another usage of it becomes like: I saw a pigeon today; so commonplace it isn’t noteworthy, but what sets CatrianiPlay apart from other much used melodies is that there are over twenty of them, not that they all need to listed to get that point across, unless someone thinks you’re exaggerating.

  2. Travis

    about we are golden… probably stretching this but listen to the “running around again” part and then listen to boston’s chorus of “more than a feeling” prolly a stretch but cant help thinking it sounds alike… also should take a listen to anne lenix “walking on broken glass”

  3. Travis

    also after the “teenage dreams in a teenage circus” for the next part try singing “ohhh living on a prayer”

  4. Someone

    The Mika song reminds very strongly of some song there they sing “the best is yet to come”, but I don’t know its name.
    Anyone know what I’m thinking of?

    1. Mark Adams

      If you’re thinking of a TV show theme song where they sing “the best is ready to begin”, it may be As Long As We Have Each Other, the theme song from Growing Pains (1985), recorded originally by B.J. Thomas. Here is a duet version.

      1. Same Someone

        No, it’s not that one. It may be a Swedish band or artist, as that is where I live. It was a long time since I heard it, so it was definitely on either radio or TV, I think it was on the radio.

        “No giving up when you’re young and you want some” is the part where they would sing “the best is yet to come” instead. I’m not sure about the key, but if it began on C it would be: C-C–E–D–B-C (or, or maybe together, E-F–E–D–B-C, I’m not sure)

        1. Mark Adams

          Sorry I couldn’t help with that, but I definitely don’t know that song. Let me ask this: Did the ’80s ever end in Sweden? Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing.

          Keith, Travis’ addition of Walking On Broken Glass is pretty good. Unfortunately I don’t have any for this post, but I have said about Love Walks In by Van Halen (recorded 1985-1986, released ’86) and some background music from Escape to the Country (2002) for Bon Jovi vs. Bonnie Tyler vs. Ankie Bagger vs. Belinda Carlisle. Escape to the Country isn’t the only thing with background music like that-check out Greg Loses Jinx from Meet the Parents (2000). The score from Meet the Parents was written by Randy Newman.

          Maybe it’s because of the time of year at the moment, but Greg Loses Jinx reminds me of Mary’s Boy Child, written by Jester Hairston and first recorded by Harry Belafonte (1956), but the similarity is more noticeable with the rhythm from the Boney M version (1978).

          Here is the Wikipedia page:
          Interesting that it seems it’s a coincidence that I Was A Man (May ’86) and Bad Name (Jul ’86) sound similar, as Bon Jovi had released The Hardest Part is the Night in 1985, before they had been working with Desmond Child, while the album I Was A Man comes from was still being recorded.


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