Every Melody Possible Is On A Hard Drive And You Can Download It!

YouTuber Adam Neely posted a great video where he sits down with Damien Riehl and Noah Rubin about their project to copyright every possible melody (!). They used a computer to “brute force” every possible melody to make a point to the world of copyright infringement. From a law perspective this project was created to help protect artists or at least change the public perception of what constitutes music copyright infringement. You can download their project with every melody variation at http://allthemusic.info

Here’s the Ted Talk called “Copyrighting all the melodies to avoid accidental infringement | Damien Riehl | TEDxMinneapolis”

“In the litany of copyright infringement lawsuits, technology lawyer and musician Damien Riehl demonstrates that music is merely math, and has a finite number of possible melodies. If you’ve ever thought a song you like sounded similar to another, the culprit may not be an unethical forger, but rather the limited mathematical musical equations that our favorite artists have to work with. Current copyright law is at risk of severely limiting future music creation and future human creativity. This talk suggests a new way to handle these legal cases. Damien Riehl is a technology lawyer with a B.S. in music. After beginning to code in 1985, and for the web in 1995, he has worked for the chief judges of state and federal courts; litigated for a decade; taught law-school copyright classes; and led teams in software development, digital forensics, proactive cybersecurity, reactive cybersecurity incidents, and world-scale investigations. Damien’s combined experience in the law, technology, and music has inspired his most recent project—copyrighting billions of unique melodies. “

Interesting!! What do you think??!!

UPDATE: 02-24-2020

Turns our Damien used this site for some of his research 🙂

7 Led Zeppelin Songs That Sound Like Other Songs

Since Led Zeppelin has been in the news recently I found it only fitting to compile this simple video comparing 7 Led Zeppelin songs and the similar songs that preceded them. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did compiling this together.


Led Zeppelin vs. The World

Led Zeppelin vs. Chicago vs. Green Day vs. The White Stripes

Coheed and Cambria vs. Led Zeppelin

Devo vs. Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin vs. Rage Against the Machine

Lindsey Buckingham vs. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

random photo of Lindsey Buckingham

Devin Graham (aka Devin Supertramp) makes lots of really cool videos on YouTube. He usually has his friends write original music for these epic three minute clips. He recently posted a video called “Robotic Dolphin and Flying Water Car”. Right away I recognized the music (written by a group calling themselves “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”) as the theme to National Lampoon’s Vacation.  The original melody is from a song called “Holiday Road” (1983) by Lindsey Buckingham. I really do feel bad calling out the little guys, but hey, they’re selling the track on iTunes and I have no evidence that they have credited Buckingham, so here ya go.

Lindsey Buckingham - "Holiday Road" (1983)

Can't Stop Won't Stop - "You Already Know" (2014)

Here’s the original video if you’re interested:
Robotic Dolphin and Flying Water Car – In 4K! With Jetovator and Seabreacher