Belle and Sebastion vs. Charles in Charge

This one has bugged me for years. There’s a little trumpet solo at the end of this Belle and Sebastion track that has reminded me so much of the Charles in Charge theme!

Belle & Sebastion - "The Stars of Track and Field" (1996)

Charles in Charge Theme - "Theme Song" (1984)

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8 Replies to “Belle and Sebastion vs. Charles in Charge”

  1. Johnathan

    Hey, so, you need to fix your e-mail in your “About” section, you either forgot the e-mail name or made it unclear as to what the first part is :).

    I have a song, that is driving me freaking NUTS. It’s by Manchester Orchestra – The Procession. This guitar sounds PRECISELY like an Our Lady Peace song (I think) and I can’t find it! If you get a chance, give it a listen, i’d be very curious to see if you could nail the similarity.

    Also, awesome that you have a site dedicated to something that I am always thinking about.

  2. Cheryl

    To me, that Belle and Sebastian ending sounds a lot like Tracey Ullman’s “They Don’t Know”, released in 1883.

    1. Sebastian Sollenhag

      That is a Kirsty MacColl song. It is very sad that tracey Ullman made such a horrible cover of it.


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