No Doubt vs. Irene Cara

gwen stefani

I always thought there was something about No Doubt’s 1996 hit “Don’t Speak“. Check out the striking similarity to Irene Cara‘s 1980 theme song to the film Fame. Remember? Remember?

Irene Cara - "Fame" (1980)

No Doubt - "Don't Speak" (1996)

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3 Replies to “No Doubt vs. Irene Cara”

  1. Brent

    There is no doubt, that Dyed Dumb Blonde did it again!
    Here is the pitch phrasing for the beginning and ending of the first line of “Don’t Speak”. The middle part of the first line doesn’t have a pitch change and is irrelevant.

    Fame = Don’t Speak
    Forever = Saying

    Excellent call.


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