Oasis vs. Kevin Rudolf

This was submitted by Dave S. from Philadelphia, PA and fatima

According to the Wikipedia entry for Kevin Rudolf’s “Welcome to the World”  “the melody of the chorus is taken from the 1994 Oasis song [Supersonic]”. I’m not even sure what this means. Does that mean he “stole” it?? Have a listen.

Oasis - "Supersonic" (1994)

Kevin Rudolf - "Welcome to the World" (2009)

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8 Replies to “Oasis vs. Kevin Rudolf”

  1. Rowan

    That’s the way that music works. There are very few combination of notes that work together. If you look far enough back the same melodies will pop up in everything from Mozart to old folk tunes. Its nothing new, nothing in music ever is.

  2. Zac

    I think that stating “It’s nothing new, nothing in music ever is” is a bit extreme. There is plenty of original music out there especially if you go beyond the realm of pop.

    1. richie

      right on – fuck oasis. they’ve been askin for shit like this for years. a good 75% a their shit is ripped from good old beatles tunes. give kevin whatshisface a cookie.

      1. Someone who knows what they are talking about

        good day prick, id like to see u write some better songs than the likes of don’t look back in anger, live forever, the importance of being idle, wonderwall, rock ‘n’ roll star and so on. the music u listen to wouldn’t surprise me if it was the likes of fucking justin bieber, the backstreet boys or duran duran. noel gallagher is a gifted songwriter the melodies and catchy riffs he makes is brilliant. everyone copies other people its a fact its nature. if u think the beatles or the stones didn’t copy other people then u r as dumb as justin bieber.

        yours sincerely
        Someone who knows what they are talking about

  3. ElectrikBill

    Yeah, I kept thinking this song sounds like something else but couldn’t place it. While it’s true when you’re dealing with a limited number of notes (12) it’s easy to sound like something that’s been done before, but this is so close that I would call it a blatant rip-off.


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