Blondie vs. Black Sabbath

Josh submitted this one.

I’m just as surprised as Josh that nobody has submitted this one yet. Check out Blondie‘s 1980 hit “Call Me” alongside Black Sabbath‘s 1971 “Children of the Grave”. Even the vocals are a bit similar in that Ozzy kind of way.

Blondie - "Call Me" (1980)

Black Sabbath - "Children of the Grave" (1971)
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13 Replies to “Blondie vs. Black Sabbath”

  1. ian

    They have a somewhat similar cord progression but are really two very different songs. There are only so many cord progressions you can try, and you are going to get some overlap. Songs coincidentally having a similar cord progression is not equivalent to saying that song A is based on song B. In that case Children of the Grave is based on Dr. Who, which I’m sure sounds similar to something else. A song being based on another song is something like Child In Time and Bombay Calling.

    1. Keith Post author

      Thanks for coming by ian. I agree! There is overlap and there are only so many chord progressions and rhythm combinations in the world but when I hear one that I recognize I just can’t help obsessing over where I heard it before.

  2. FuzzySheep

    Also in the Muse catagory..

    Muse – Knights of Cydonia. The solo that is. It resembles the Blondie song more, although not that much.
    Still worth mentioning though maybe.

  3. Billy

    I was in a record store at lunchtime and thought I was listening to hard rock version of Call Me and then realised it was Back Sabbath. Not as close as He’s So Fine / My Sweet Lord but I reckon worth a court case if there was any money stashed away for Call Me (maybe Ozzy could sue the producers of American Gigolo)

  4. Composerdave

    The only similarities are the driving pedal followed by a descending step movement on beats 3 and 4 of the second bar of the riff. Other than that they are different. The Blondie riff is 6 beats of D followed by G and F (whole step movement). This is noted as 1 then 4 and 3, (in d minor). The Sabbath (while is C# minor) is 6 beats of 1 (C#) followed by a followed by flat 6 (A) and 5 (G#). In addition, the second set of two bars in the Blondie does something different than the first 2 (It goes beats of 1, followed by F (3) and C (7) whereas the Sabbath one repeats the first two bars.

    1. Keith Post author

      Thanks for the additional theory behind these tracks! It’s interesting to hear a dissection of these clips.

      While I don’t claim that a lot of the comparisons on the site are exact musical clones there is sometimes no denying that they sound alike. Some ears are better than others so some listeners might not even be able to distinguish a half step or a rhythmic variance.


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